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"No one can lead a happy life if they think only of themselves."

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Hello! Happy Monday! I was away this weekend and was able to get outside and hangout with some really good friends and recharge. I also have my booster shot this week!
Last week was wildly busy in the Android world. We had talks, Spaces, articles, discussions, and still so much happening before the end of the year!
Also a few updates from me:
  • We now have a custom domain! Find this and all previous issues at
  • This is issue #30! I’m pretty surprised we’ve made it this far. Thank you so much for being here and reading! I appreciate it more than you know. 😊
I wont block you any longer! Let’s go!

☃️ Fun Stuff
The Advent of Code template project for Kotlin
AndroidDev Wrapped 2021
📝 Community Content
Android Developer Hangout
Zach Klippenstein gave a talk at the Android Dev Hangout! It was wonderfully in-depth and you can watch the recording below. I hope you can join us next month!
Jetpack Compose with Square Workflow talk by Zach Klippenstein
Jetpack Compose with Square Workflow talk by Zach Klippenstein
The Data Structures Behind Git
Graduating from View IDs
Leveraging Kotlin for Tests
🎙 Upcoming Talks
This Friday, Madona and I will be joined by Leland Takamine from They recently released a library called Direct Android Debug Bridge (dadb) . Come join us and learn what it is and why you might want to use it instead of the standard adb.
Click to go to Twitter and set a reminder
Click to go to Twitter and set a reminder
🛠 For Your Toolkit
JetBrains Fleet: The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains
🧑🏻‍💻 Android Practice Question
⭐️ Answer to Last Week's Question
Last week I asked you about some of your favorite, obscure Kotlin collection functions.
Matt McKenna
It's time for another #AndroidPracticeQuestion!

• What is the most obscure #Kotlin Collection function you know?
• What does it do?
Little did I know that some of these would be so useful in the Advent of Code! Check out some of the answers in the Twitter thread! I’ve been able to use windowed and associateBy in Day 01 and 02!
Thanks to Sanat, Blundell, Gabor, Halil, Catalin, Adam, Sonu, and Abhishek for some great responses!
💭 Quote of the Week
‘Tis this season of giving! It is not physical gifts that we will be pondering today, but gifts of understanding, of time, and of patience. We are starting the second week of the final month of 2021. A season of holidays and PTO. Children are off from school and families are making plans to see each other. For many this can mean additional stress. This leads us to our quote:
“No one can lead a happy life if they think only of themselves.” — Seneca
I want to challenge you to be a little more patient, understanding and helpful to your teammates in the next few weeks. I guarantee that not pushing more stress to your team will have massive benefits, even if this is a busy season for you. If you are stressed by the season I hope you can find support in your team, even if you can’t or don’t want to ask for it.
If you are having a hard time reply to this email! If you are comfortable talking about it let me know and I can listen or we can find a solution together.
👋 Want more?
Join the discussion on Twitter where I’ll be posting more about Kotlin and Android.
Remember to stay hydrated and have a great week!
Thanks for reading!
- Matt ✌️
Feedback or suggestions? Reply to this email and I’ll get back to you by the end of the day.
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