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"When witches go riding, and black cats are seen. The moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween."

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Hey there!
Super light issue for you today. I’ve be incredibly busy with my wife finalizing our wedding reception details! (It got postponed because of the pandemic)
Anyway here’s a few of the things I found awesome last week that I think you will like!
And since I won’t see you until next November I hope you have a Happy Halloween!! 👻

👾 Fun Stuff
Meet the Kotlin Mascot!
The Jetpack Compose Internals Book by Jorge Castillo 🍋
A lot of us missed out on Droidcon Berlin last week. Hopefully the talks will be published soon!
🟣 Android Dev Twitter Space
In last week’s Android Dev Hang we talked a lot about jobs and interviewing for Android Jobs. We will be having another Space this week so follow us (@madona_syombua and @himattm) to be notified!
We also have an announement! 👇
Android Dev Hang: Google Dev Experts with Ben Weiss
Android Dev Hang: Google Dev Experts with Ben Weiss
On November 5th Madona and I will be hosting Ben Weiss on our weekly Twitter Space to talk about Google Developer Experts. We hope you can join us!
📚 TL;DRs
Always provide a Modifier parameter
🛠 For Your Toolkit
Kotlin Function Arguments Helper Example GIF
Kotlin Function Arguments Helper Example GIF
🎃 Spook of the Week
Introducing the Test Candy Corn. We’ve taken the classic Test Pyramid and made it festive! The Test Pyramid is a great tool to understand the how to apply a testing strategy to your projects!
The Testing Candy Corn
The Testing Candy Corn
👋 Want to Contribute!?
Did I miss something spooky this week? Have a question you want answered by the community? Send them to me on Twitter, reply to this email or join the discussion on Telegram. I’d love to hear from you and chat!
If you enjoyed this issue send it to someone you think might enjoy it.
Remember to stay sweet and have a great week!
Thanks for reading!
- Matt 👻
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Matt McKenna
Matt McKenna @himattm

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