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"You're better off not giving the small things more time than they deserve."

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👾 Fun Stuff
Adding Volume to the Kotlin Identity
Hot Take or Good Meme?
📚 TL;DRs
Compose architecture: MVVM or MVI with Flow?
Add Kotlin · Issue #3687 · actions/virtual-environments
Google Play Services is being deprecated for Jelly Bean
🛠 For Your Toolkit
Jetpack Compose for Coil
🧑‍💻 Interview Practice Question
What are the different visibility modifiers in Kotlin?
Why are they useful?
Can you describe some use cases?
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⭐️ Answer to Last Week's Question
How can you use Jetpack Compose VisualTransformation to make a text field format for a credit card number?
Find the answer in this official Jetpack Compose Sample named creditCardFilter.
💭 Stoicism x Tech
“You’re better off not giving the small things more time than they deserve.” - Marcus Aurelius
Consider this quote in terms of over engineering a solution.
Some problems are complex, some are not. It is good to be aware of how you are thinking about a problem that is not complex. As software developers it can be our nature to think that a solution must always be robust and abstract, but this is just not the case.
Sometimes the small things, the not complex problems, don’t need to have more energy given to them than they are worth.
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